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Beautiful Design Kits & Framework for Oxygen

With our Tailwind CSS based Oxygen CSS Framework, and beautifully crafted premium Oxygen design kits, now any one can create better & beautiful websites at 10x speed.
CSS Framework
Speed up your work flow with our Tailwind based, utility classes powered CSS Framework.
Beautiful Design Kits
Kick start your project with our design kits powered by Monster CSS Framework.
Proper Design System
We have spent so many hours to craft a proper design system to design any type of website.
Oxygen optimized
All our css classes are perfectly optimized & categorized to use and edit directly inside Oxygen.
100s of Beautiful Blocks
You can import our design kits and design your websites using 100s of blocks we have already.
Unlimited Access
Get unlimited access to use for your websites and your client projects as well.
Perfectly crafted

Premium Design Kits

Pick a design kit from our collection and get started with your projects right away. We have 5 design kits now and we are going to add one new and update existing kits every month.
An all in one mega design kit for every website project you have
A perfect dark design kit for your perfect website
Beautiful & colorful web design kit for web designers
Capital design kit for professional web designers
Boundaries design kit for versatile & unique websites
The final design kit you will ever need for woo commerce websites

The Monster CSS Framework

Monster Framework is a very well developed, Tailwind CSS based, Oxygen Builder optimized CSS Framework with over 500 well thought out and most useful CSS utility classes to design websites without any bloat or repeated classes. Our Framework is perfect to maintain a high-quality design system to create a website within Oxygen. You can even extend the framework with your choice of classes. The base framework is just under 50KB and includes most of the utilities you need to create a perfect website.
Check out documentation & cheatsheet to know more about the Framework Utility classes
Classes Merger Module
A classes merger module to combine multiple classes to create a new class to ease up working with classes.
1300+ classes full framework
You can choose and install the categories you only need from 1400 classes and customize the framework as you want.
Global colors and CSS classes editor
Now edit / change ids, and names of Global colors and color sets, which otherwise is not possible with Oxygen.




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new blocks monthly

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A few common questions...

What is the Monster Framework?
Monster CSS Framework is a Tailwind CSS based, utility classes powered Oxygen CSS Framework to quickly design beautiful websites in less time.
Can I get OxyMade as well with OxyMonster purchase?
No, OxyMade is a different product. But if you bought OxyMonster & want to get access to OxyMade, give us a message on support, and we will send you an exclusive discount to buy OxyMade at 50% OFF. We are going to implement Monster Framework in all our OxyMade blocks as well very soon.
How many kits will I get with unlimited lifetime access?
We have around 6 kits right now in OxyMonster and we are going to add atleast a new kit every month and add new blocks to the existing kits, until we run out of kits/blocks.
Do we have future updates as well?
Yes, you will get all the future updates we will release in OxyMonster with OxyMonster Unlimited Lifetime Access.
How long is the lifetime offer?
Our lifetime offer is a limited time offer. Once we reach a certain number of accounts or kits, we will either increase the price or stop the lifetime access and offer yearly access.
Is there any money back guarantee?
We do offer 14-day no questions asked money back guarantee. We appreciate your feedback when requesting a refund.
Can I ask more questions?
Yes, please contact us using the contact form in the help section.

Get unlimited lifetime access

Get started with our beautiful Monster framework powered design kits.
Design websites 10x faster with OxyMonster Framework & Design Kits
We create beautiful design kits to make your website designing process easy & fast. Now building beautiful professional websites is 10x easier and simple.
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